Instrument Setups

"My current Instruments of choice are:

1) Clarinet - Buffet-Crampon Paris R13 - Vintage 1973.

2) Alto Sax - Yamaha Silver-Plated Custom YAS-82ZS.

3) Tenor Sax - Yamaha Silver-Plated Custom YTS-875S.

4) Bari Sax - Phil Barone Silver-Plated Classic Pro model with low "A" and high "F#".

"Silver plated horns are, in my opinion, by far the most versatile in tonal variance.  In the hands of a capable player, they are veritable chameleons, able to produce many different tones and timbres.  Unlike lacquered instruments, silver-plated horns are capable of exploiting many different tonal subtleties.  This is due to the highly reflective, (yet frequency dampening) qualities of the nickel and silver used in the plating process."

 "In the past, I have had vintage and late model Selmers, Keilwerths, Kings, and Buescher's, but by far the most responsive, ergonomic, playable, and reliable Saxes I have played are the Yamaha pro model Saxes." 

"My mouthpiece setups are as follows: 

1) "On clarinet, I use a Peter Ponzol vintage jazz replica hard rubber mouthpiece with a #5 tip opening and #2.5 Rico Royal Reeds."

2) "On Alto, I use a Vandoren Java A35 hard rubber mouthpiece with Rico Select Jazz 2H reeds." 

3) "On Tenor, I use a metal Otto Link New York #7 mouthpiece with Vandoren #2.5 ZZ Jazz reeds."    

4) "On Bari, I use a Meyer #6 hard rubber mouthpiece with Vandoren 2.5 ZZ Jazz reeds."

"In case you are wondering, "no, I don't play the Soprano Sax".  I have at times in the past; but I seldom get called to play it anymore.  Truthfully, I really don't have much affection for the sound that even the greatest players can coax out of a Soprano.  I much prefer the mellow, woody, warmer tone of the Clarinet, whenever there is a call for a "Soprano voice" in any music." 


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