Current Projects

"I'm presently still performing in several different groups in Ventura County.  The largest of which a Fusion Jazz Quintet, known as  "Pentasonic".  As the name implies, this group features high powered, groove oriented Jazz/Funk music associated with the term, "Fusion Jazz".  This group is a great platform for our original material, although we also play many fusion favorites from the past, as well as some arrangements of 60's & 70's R & B vocal tunes, with some of our favorite standards thrown in, just because they are too good to leave out.  "The Fusion Jazz Quintet" features Bassist Tom Etchart, Pianist Gordon Jenewein, Percussionist Dave Hunt, Guitarist Dan Patterson, and yours truly on Saxes and Vocals.  All the members of the group share a common passion "to play Jazz that is enjoyable for every listener, and not simply cater to the ears of other musicians.  "Pentasonic" (read that: the 5 tones) group is currently performing throughout Southern California at various different concert venues, Jazz festivals, formal private engagements, and selected special events."

"The Second largest group I regularly perform with is, "The Joseph Horswell Quartet".  This traditional Jazz Quartet features Greg Spaulding on Piano, Tom Etchart on Bass, Ken Delbo on Drums, and yours truly on Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Bb Soprano Clarinet, and my latest acquisition: a sterling silver-plated Custom Engraved Phil Barone Baritone Sax, which was a generous gift from the late great Charles MacDonald, (may he rest in peace, knowing what a difference he made in so many people's lives)."

"I'm also performing regularly at various local jazz venues with "The Contemporary Jazz Trio", whose other members include noted Guitarist Jim La Diana, and L.A. session Bassist Trevor Lindsey." "The combination of instrumentation is different  from the normal jazz quartet fare, and allows us to

have a lot more musical freedom to experiment, as well as the ability to fit into tight places and gig where a traditional quartet simply cannot fit.  La Diana and Lindsey are both seasoned pros, each having impressive résumés.  Together, we collectively have over a 165 combined years of playing experience between us!  We’re currently playing  original compositions, as well as familiar Brazilian and Latin jazz pieces, along with some classic Fusion, jazz standards, and assorted other swing favorites from "The Real Book"

"In all of these uniquely different groups, I strive to achieve  a common goal, which is to keep Jazz alive as an art from; the key element being personal expression through improvisation.  Ultimately, the true essence of Jazz is allowing each individual artist to express himself, and to put into music what words cannot say.  Jazz is about celebrating life, with it's many ups, downs, and in betweens, (and because it's just plain fun!)  We're not worrying about trying to reinvent the wheel, here, either."  

"It is my feeling that many artists, too often this day in age, (especially younger musicians trying to make a name for themselves), try so hard to be unique that, or focus on playing endless cascades of notes, and (in the process), they lose site of making pleasing music that has any kind of appeal to anyone other than themselves, (or possibly other musicians).  

It's my intent to present toe-tapping jazz pieces, which are traditionally melodic, harmonious, rhythmic, and filled with improvisational expression.  I try to allow each musician to explore his own  unique artistic interpretation, of every song in our repertoire.  In this way, familiar sounding melodic and chordal formats are presented in a straightforward manner without any smoke and mirrors.  I feel that above all, Jazz should be easy for anyone to listen to, even newcomers.  You shouldn't have to have a degree in music to understand and appreciate a Jazz presentation."

~ Joseph Horswell ~         


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