Intermediate Student Curriculum

 I.  Equipment Selection
   Learn what horns the pros play , and why
   Learn what mouthpiece/reed setups the pros use, and why
  Tips on buying a new or used professional model saxophone
   Selecting an appropriate mouthpiece for the sound you want
   The pros and cons of different ligature configurations
   How to custom shave your reeds
 II.  Study Regiment
   Proper standing posture
   Warm up exercises
   Long tone studies
   Vibrato exercises
   Intermediate scales and patterns
   Intermediate musical composition study
   Intermediate Theory
  Beginning improvisational studies
  Beginning ear training exercises
  Beginning music transcription
  Beginning altissimo high harmonic studies

 III. Tonal Technique:

   Projecting and developing a robust,  professional tone quality
   Playing in tune while playing different volume levels
   Dynamics and phrasing
   Proper breathing techniques

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