Advanced Student Curriculum

 I.  Study Regiment
   Warm up exercises
   Long tone studies
   Vibratos, trills, growls, and shakes
   Advanced scales, patterns, and chords
   Advanced musical composition study
   Advanced Theory
   Advanced improvisational studies
   Advanced ear training exercises
   Advanced music transcription/transposition
   Advanced altissimo high harmonic studies
   Alternate fingerings
 II. Improvisational Solos:
   Learn the theory behind spontaneous composition
   What notes to play
   How play through changes
   How to structure a solo
   Playing “outside the changes”
   Build the confidence to play out
 III. Altissimo Range:
   Develop an extended, high-harmonic range into the 4th octave
   Learn special exercises to support "top tones"
   Learn which fingerings work with your horn
   How and when to use extended range high notes
   Frighten your dog or cat

 IV. Learn When Not to Play:

   Let your audience breathe (and you too)
   Punctuate your solos with poignant pauses
   Sometimes what you don’t play is just as important as what you do

 V. Ear Training:

   A necessary skill for effective improvisation 
   Play what you hear in your head without hunting around for it
   Pitch and interval recognition
   Learn how to harmonize on the spot
   Learn how to play by ear.  You'll be glad you did if you ever lose your sheet music,
     or it blows away during the middle of a song during an outdoor performance
   Compliment your reading skills
   Sheet music’s evil twin

 IV. Emergency Instrument repair

   Why won’t it play 5 minutes before you go on?
   Diagnosis check list
   Never underestimate the power of a rubber band
   Popular spare parts to have on hand
   When to call in the big guns (A.K.A. a professional repair technician)

 VII. Listen to the Pros:

   Learn from those who have gone on before you
   You have to listen to the pros if you want to play like a pro
   Learn to play along by ear or with sheet music
   Fatten up your “lick library” with ideas the pros use

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